What is Wünderworks?

Wünderworks is a local multimedia production company that offers professional, Hollywood quality: Movies, TV shows, Commercials, Documentaries, Music videos, Video Editing, 3D Visual Effects, Digital Art Design, Animation, Wedding Movies and more!

My name is Oscar Magaña Jr. and I am the owner-operator, executive producer and director of wünderworks. I’ve been an artist most of my life; and I’ve always been a dreamer. From 2010 to 2014, I lived and worked in Hollywood; working on dozens of hit TV shows, Movies and Commercials, learning on the job from the pros. I have also worked at a local TV station for a year, so I have a firm understanding of the local media market. using those skills and work experience, the goal for my company wünderworks was to bring some high quality Hollywood magic and technical skill back home to Butte county.

As an Artist, I wanted to learn ALL the aspects of multimedia production myself so I could maintain consistency throughout any Project pipeline. Cinematography, acting, lighting techniques, stunts, editing, visual effects, illustrations, designing, writing, costuming, and more. From conception to premiere wünderworks is a one stop shop providing step by step support and hands on creation of virtually any project. I use professional cameras, state of the art multimedia software programs, talented local actors, singers and dancers to produce professional, Hollywood quality projects at ethical, hometown prices!

Multimedia production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished product. This can include production of television programs, movies, corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos and special-interest home videos. But modern definitions also include things like digital ads, logos, websites, mobile apps and much more! I wanted Wünderworks to be a one stop shop for all your creative needs. If I don’t know how to do something, I will learn it or tell you up front that I cannot provide that service. No surprises, no middle men, no 3rd parties; just person to person tailor made production!

Many people today have ideas for their own short films, reality TV shows, sit-coms, cooking shows, etc. Wünderworks has experience producing them; and access to local 30 minute TV time slots for as little as $200 per episode, right here in the North state!

Personal projects are often referred to as “Vanity projects" because in general, it’s all about you! Whatever the reason, wherever the place; sometimes you just wanna get it on video. When the “home video” look just won’t do; wünderworks can be your crew!

Aspiring Actors looking to break into showbiz? Wünderworks has experience with demo reels, acting lessons, TV pilots, short films, feature films, documentaries and webisodes. Don’t think that you can’t be a star just because you’re not in L.A. I bring the Hollywood treatment to you!

Musicians and Performing Artists seeking exposure online? Biopics, Docudramas, music videos and interviews help audiences connect with the human side of you. Wünderworks can showcase your talent and skills on video or through photography!

Weddings by definition are special events; and wedding movies are the next best thing to reliving the magic of your special day. Wünderworks can provide as much as 3 camera coverage, full lighting and wireless microphones to really capture every moment in HD!

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication, and problem-solving through the use of type, space, image and color. Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated. As an artist I use various methods to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.

Marketing is a widely used term to describe the means of communication between a company and a consumer audience...

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. An academic discipline to understand individuals and groups...

I’ve studied Psychology and Marketing at different times in my life; and considering everything I do deals with humans in some way; I see the value of applying psychology to everything I do. If you are a business or an individual seeking to connect with a target audience, psychology is the tool of choice and Marketing is the method. From full-on national ad campaigns to local merchants seeking new clientele; Wünderworks marketing combines real world experience with tried and true strategies to send the right message, the right way, to the right people.

Whatever ideas or dreams may come...Wünderworks can bring them to life!